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How Gaming Mogul Started

It all began one random summer afternoon in 2016 when we noticed a flash-sale on the PS Store. We've been eyeing on a game for quite a while and we were ready to buy! Little did we know of country-specific restrictions which kept us wondering why our purchases wouldn't go through. The sale was about to end, we knew we had to act fast!

This lead us to reach out to personal contacts and create partnerships with authorized PS Store distributors. These guys make it easy for us to provide special discounted game credits and subscriptions.

To enhance convenience, we've taken things up-a-notch and are providing the Filipino gaming community a highly secured method to purchase credits and subscriptions online via PayPal and all major credit/debit cards. All at the comfort of your homes (or man-caves). 


PCI Compliant for Payments and Secured Hosting

We value your security and our site is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. This is geek-language for you-can't-process-online-payments-unless-you-have-this-certification.


Happy gaming everyone!