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Frequently Asked Questions & Payment Methods

What are your other payment methods?
We also accept payments from:
Bank Transfer:
    - BPI (preferred option)
    - UnionBank

    - Quick and easy, zero-payment fees through 7-11 stores

We also accept payments by Wire/Pera Padala:
   - Cebuana
   - Palawan
   - LBC

To avail of our other payment methods, send us a message today at our Verified Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GamingMogul
How long will it take to get the codes?

Codes are typically sent within 6 - 24 hours. But we promise it is often quicker in most cases!

How do I know if you guys are legit ?

We are listed as one of the top credible sellers on the PS4 Groups.

You can also find hundreds of positive reviews by checking us out on our Facebook Page

What regions do you sell subscriptions and credits to?

We provide subscriptions and credits to PSN Asian and PSN US Accounts

How to best contact you for other inquiries?

You can email us at GMadmin@gamingmogul.com

You can also call us at +639060069911

Send us a message at www.facebook.com/gamingmogul